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Prepare to teach in a "toggle" environment

Welcome to the Leo Dehon Library Newsletter for Faculty Teaching Online

The Leo Dehon Library at Sacred Heart Seminary & School of Theology supports, disseminates, and promotes faculty research and scholarship. During the pandemic we are providing a newsletter to support online teaching and learning.

We are in Phase 4 of the Covid-19 Operational Response Plan.

  • People who are not vaccinated are asked to wear masks in public spaces, meetings, and/or when leaving offices.
  • 3-6 ft. distancing recommended.
  • All touched public surfaces are sanitized frequently. Custodial staff will implement and maintain enhanced cleaning protocols.

The library is open to the public. Due to construction our doors are locked. Please call and make an appointment to come in. 414-858-4995. You will be checked for COVID symptoms and your temperature taken.

CoVid-19 Resources


AntiRacism Resources

What Worked!

Teaching in a Virtual World


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