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Dehonian Resources: About

Resources on Fr. Leo Dehon at Sacred Heart Seminary & School of Theology and worldwide

About Fr. Dehon

Fr. Leo John Dehon (1843-1925) founded the Priests of the Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology is an apostolate of the United States Province of the Priests of the Sacred Heart. The Leo Dehon Library, serving the school and the SCJ community, has many resources for Dehonian studies and welcomes inquiries from the world wide community.

Priests of the Sacred Heart? Dehonians? S.C.J.'s? What's the difference?  Worldwide, the Priests of the Sacred Heart are known as Dehonians.  The name is derived from the founder of the order.  However, as the SCJs continue to work with laity and others in their ministry, the Dehonians terms is more indicative of the common sense of spirituality and purpose that underlies all the work.


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Dehon Library Image Collection

St. Michael the Archangel (mosaic) Bronislaw M. Bak (1922 - 1981)

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